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Budva’s pebble beaches, crystal-clear sea and mild climate place it among the most beautiful coasts in the world and it truly represents the crown of Montenegrin tourist offering.
The Old Town is a place of important historic and religious monuments, galleries, boutiques and cafes and during the summer it turns into a theatrical stage!

4 km

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan, once a fishing village on a reef island, today a unique tourist attraction.
A sand stripe with two beaches, one on each side, connects it to the mainland.
It is popular with heads of state, important politicians, movie stars, famous athletes and other members of the elite.

3,5 km

Boka Kotorska

Boka Kotorska – Bay of Kotor

Boka Kotorska is a large and outspread bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean. It is naturally divided in four smaller bays. Along the bay lie neat and tame seaside towns as monuments to culture and witnesses to once rich marine and cultural life. Behind them high mountains rise up into the sky, protecting them from the cold northern climate and making Boka an oasis of Mediterranean flora.

25 km - Kotor